2041 is the year that the Antarctic Treaty comes up for renewal. It is imperative that this treaty, which protects the last undeveloped continent on our earth, is renewed.

Robert Swan has made it his mission to ensure that in 2041, the Antarctic Treaty is renewed, so that nobody can selfishly destroy our last frontier of natural habitat on our planet. Antarctica is so important not just for itself, but also for the way it is connected with all life and environments on our planet. What happens here, affects what happens there. What happens there, affects what happens here! It is a fine balance.

The main objective of the Antarctic Treaty is to protect this last pristine continent in the interest of all and that Antarctica continues to be used only for peaceful purposes. Antarctica belongs to all of us, yet it belongs to no one country. It is the only area on our planet where war is forbidden. It is not allowed to damage or exploit any part of Antarctica. Life can continue there as nature meant it to.

 Check the treaty out at: The Antarctic Treaty

Robert Swan OBE, FRGS, formed his organisation, 2041, Robert Swan 2041 after having experienced the affects of climate change, and human change, while walking to both poles. Robert walked from Cape Evans to the South Pole in 1985/6. After suffering from peeling skins and eyes that changed colour, he found out from Nasa that he and his team had walked under a hole in the ozone layer. This was the beginning of Robert’s dedication to working on preserving Antarctica and engaging people worldwide to take action to help protect our planet.

I joined the mission with Robert Swan in 2008, and today, the preservation of Antarctica, of our planet, of wildlife, and humans, is what I strive for as I work with children.

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